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Travelbay India ToursA big thank you to the Travelbay team, you made my experiences in Brunei most memorable, and I urge all fellow travellers to investigate Travelbay services.Travelbay India Tours 

Enjoy a few days in Brunei or add it on to another Travelbay Tour ...

Small Group Tours

  • You and a few strangers
  • Premade Packages
  • Selected destinations
  • Comfortable travel time
  • Details on website

Private Tours

  • Just you and your family / friends, no strangers
  • Premade packages
  • Selected destinations
  • Comfortable travel time
  • Very reasonable prices, often not much more than a group tour
  • Click for Brunei Tours - contact us to make your tour private

Tailor Made Tours

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  • Everything custom
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  • Very reasonable prices, similar to Private Tour
  • Can include multiple countries
Travelbay Brunei Tours
Travelbay Brunei Tours

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A sample Ready-Made Brunei Tour

Brunei is a dot of a country on the island of Borneo and is home to less than half a million people. But despite its size, it is a fascinating country and is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Once the richest man, the Sultan of Brunei has a collection of over 5000 cars and his influence on the country is unmistakeable. Bandar Seri Begawan is the main city and the forest and wildlife here are well worth a visit.  

Q: Where can I go? 
Anywhere and everywhere. Brunei is a small country and the top places to visit include Bandar Seri Begawan, Bangar, Bukit Patoi rainforest and Ulu Temburong National Park. Brunei is a great addition to a holiday that includes other parts of Borneo. See our Borneo Tours here.

Q: When can I go? 
We can usually accommodate everyone including short notice and long term bookings.

Q: Is my departure guaranteed? 
Once you have paid for your booking, your holiday is guaranteed on your chosen departure date - except in cases of major weather events and alike in which case we do our best to adjust your holiday accordingly.

Q: Is my money safe? 
All funds received from customers are paid into a Trust account and secured against holidays purchased. Travelbay is ATAS Accredited and a member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents. We are also members of ACS, the AFTA chargeback insurance scheme.

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