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Japan is a popular holiday destination and with very good reason – there is no place quite like Japan! It’s an interesting fusion of traditional and modern life combined with beautiful scenery, fresh yummy food and kind hearted people. You can visit ancient shrines and the wonders of Tokyo, enjoy the culture of Kyoto, explore the history of Hiroshima and Osaka, see Mt Fuji and much more.

We have a growing range of Japan Tours - all of which are Private Tours.  We also offer Japan Tailor Made Tours where we work with you to design your very own tour. Add in whatever you have always wanted to do in Japan – visit bathhouses, ancient tea houses and Zen gardens; walk in nature, along traditional paths or neon-lit streets; take the bullet train; bask in the colours of cherry blossom season; watch a sumo match; discover the world of samurai’s…Japan is a hot house of culture and has something for everyone.