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Borneo – 8 Day Wildlife Wonderland Adventure - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Sandakan to Selingan Island and Sukau: 8 days

Borneo is a wildlife wonderland. With some of the world’s oldest and most diverse forests and wildlife – orang-utans, pygmy elephants, Sumatran rhinos, cloud leopards, long-nosed monkeys… this is one incredible corner of the world.

North Sabah is a not to be missed conservation hot spot and gorgeous place to visit.

On this small group tour, see orang-utans in their natural habitat while cruising along the Kinabatangan River – the longest river in Borneo and watch families of proboscis monkeys come to the river's edge in the early evening. You might even spot a crocodile lurking at the water's edge hoping to catch a wandering monkey. Be part of a turtle breeding program on Selingan Island where you will witness the magical experience of a green turtle laying her eggs.

This is a Small Group Tour with your own guide, driver and generally a maximum of 10 people (often less). If you would like to make this tour a Private Tour, please contact us for a quote. We also offer Tailor Made Tours to Borneo. 

* Price includes 7 nights' accommodation, transfers, guides, 18 meals and more. Price does not include return international flights to Borneo.

We would be happy to provide you with a quote for international flights. Flights from Australia to Sandakan are very approximately $750-$1000 per person return. The actual price varies depending on departure city, time of year and luck of the draw! 

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Day 1: Arrival in Sandakan

Arrive at Sandakan airport where you will be met by your tour guide and transferred to the My Nature Resort. Located in the Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve, the eco-friendly resort is a great place to start your Borneo adventure. Enjoy the boardwalk that winds through the forest and the incredible wonder of nature on offer. Spend the rest of the day at leisure. 

Overnight: My Nature Resort 

Meals included: Dinner

Day 2: Enjoy your day at leisure in Sepilok

Enjoy your day at leisure in Sepilok and the resort. You may wish to make use of the swimming pool, explore the surrounding forest with the boardwalk or take the free shuttle bus to the Sepilok Orang-utan Rehabilitation Centre or the nearby Rainforest Discovery Centre.  

Overnight: My Nature Resort 

Meals included: Breakfast and dinner

Day 3: Take part in a turtle breeding program at Selingan Island

After breakfast you will be taken to the Sandakan jetty for a boat ride to Selingan Island (a 1-hour boat ride from the mainland). This is one of 3 islands in the Turtle Islands National Marine Park and is home to one of the world's most successful turtle breeding programs. You can spend the day at leisure swimming and snorkelling and enjoying the small island. After dinner the turtle activities begin and you will have the opportunity to witness the magical experience of the green turtle coming ashore to lay her eggs (accompanied by a ranger). You can also participate in the breeding program with transferring the eggs to the hatchery and releasing newly hatched baby turtles in the sea. A magical experience :) 

Please note: The focus of Selingan Island is conservation. The island is open to a limited number of tourists each day. Early bookings are recommended. During July and August, bookings fill up very quickly. The accommodation provided is basic but comfortable, consisting of simple chalets with ensuite bathrooms and air conditioning. 

Please bring an overnight bag with you, because you may not be able to take all of your luggage with you on the boat to Selingan Island. There would not be enough room to accommodate everyone’s luggage gracefully. Your luggage will be stored securely in the offices of the tour operator and you can collect the following morning when you return to Sandakan. 

Overnight: Selingan Island Chalet

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 4: Orang-utans, sun bears and cruise the Kinabatangan River to Abai

After breakfast you will return to Sandakan on the mainland. From here you will be driven to the Sepilok Orang-utan Rehabilitation Center (SORC), where orphaned orang-utans are raised to be released back into the wild. It is a great place to see the "man of the forest" – the literal translation of orang-utan. The SORC has a dedicated team to look after these gorgeous creatures. There is a boardwalk that runs through the centre where you can see the orang-utans in their natural environment. Feeding time is 10am where you can watch the orang-utans come for their morning tea of bananas, and if the nursery is open, view what you could call an orang-utan kindergarten!  

The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center is just across the road from the SORC. This is the home of rescued sun bears who are lovingly cared for by another team of devoted animal lovers. It is the only sun bear conservation centre in the world and has received the attention of National Geographic. 

At 11am, depart Sepilok and travel back to Sandakan where you will take a one-hour boat cruise up the Lower Kinabatangan River - pass through pristine mangrove forests keeping an eye out for wildlife. Arrive at Abai Jungle River Lodge and have lunch. 

Abai is a secluded location on the Kinabatangan River in the forest reserve. Explore the trails that run through the surrounding jungle and make use of the bird watching tower. The area is home to a huge amount of wildlife including monkeys, orang-utans, birds and much more. 

In the late afternoon, enjoy a river cruise to search for wildlife. As night falls, witness the glittering of the fireflies on the mangrove trees. Return to the lodge for dinner and after dinner take a guided night walk around the lodge. 

Overnight: Abai Jungle Lodge

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 5: River cruising, wildlife spotting, village life and travel to Sukau

Take an early morning river cruise on the Kinabatangan River to the nearby Pitas Lake to view more birds and wildlife. Come back to the resort for breakfast and then visit the nearby Abai village. Enjoy a local-style lunch prepared by the villagers and then cruise up river to Sukau

Check-in to the Kinabatangan Riverside Lodge and in the late afternoon, take another river cruise including on the Menanggul River (keep an eye out for the proboscis long-nosed monkey). Return to the lodge for dinner. 

Overnight: Kinabatangan Riverside Lodge

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 6: Explore Sandakan including the Australian War Memorial

After breakfast return by boat to Sandakan. The 2.5-hour journey offers another opportunity for wildlife spotting as well as relaxing and enjoying the jungle scenery. Along the way stop at Abai before continuing to Sandakan. Have lunch and then take a city tour that includes Sim Sim Water Village and the War Memorial. Sandakan was home to a Prisoner of War camp during World War II and the War Memorial provides an excellent account of this history.

Overnight: My Nature Resort

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 7: Long-nosed monkeys and Labuk Bay

Enjoy your morning at leisure and at around 1pm you will be collected and taken to the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary. Here the monkeys are wild but you can often get quite close. The Sanctuary is located amidst a palm oil plantation, meaning there is insufficient food in the surrounding area. The sanctuary provides them with a supplementary diet and at feeding time (2.30pm) you can watch them all come for their afternoon meal. 

Transfer back to Sandakan and enjoy the rest of the day at leisure. 

Overnight: My Nature Resort

Meals included: Breakfast and dinner

Day 8: Time to go home or onto your next adventure

After breakfast you will be collected and transferred to the airport in time for your flight.

Meals included: Breakfast

Optional additional nights are available - please contact us for rates. 


All accommodation and hotels are subject to change. If the stated hotel is not available a hotel of a similar standard and location will be booked.

Travelbay Tip:

Our 9 Day tour to Borneo is a variation of this same tour with the addition of 2 nights in the Danum Valley (incredible and secluded rainforest) ending with a night in Kota Kinabalu. 

Travelbay Borneo - 9 Day Borneo Experience including Danum Valley

  • 8 day tour of North Sabah, Borneo where the abundant rainforest has been preserved – literally a wildlife haven.
  • 7 nights' accommodation ranging from nature resorts to island chalets and jungle lodges. 
  • Enjoy the delights of Malaysian cuisine with 18 meals included in the package.
  • 3 cruises on the Kinabatangan River.
  • Boat transfers - Sandakan to Selingan Island and return; Sandakan to Abai/Suakau and return.
  • All airport transfers – your tour guide will be there to meet you on arrival and get you to the airport on time for your departure.
  • Air conditioned mini van for all land transport.
  • English speaking guide.
  • Entrance and sightseeing fees as stated in the itinerary. 
  • Borneo is home to a huge amount of wildlife - orang-utansproboscis monkeys, sun bears, red-leaf monkeys, macaques, it's a bird lovers haven and much more. 
  • A guided trip to Selingan Island to be part of one of the world’s most successful turtle breeding programs for the endangered green and hawksbill turtles. Return boat trip included. 
  • Visit the orang-utans at the Sepilok Orang-utan Rehabilitation Center and the sun bears at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center. 
  • Spotting wildlife on the Kinabatangan River - crocodiles waiting to catch a monkey, harems of long-nosed monkeys, orang-utans high in the trees, all in a natural setting where the animals are in their home environment. 
  • Stay at two different spots on the river - Abai and Sukau, giving you the opportunity to maximise your wildlife spotting. 
  • See fireflies light up the mangrove forest at night. 
  • Take a guided night walk in one of the world’s most bio-diverse region.
  • Pay homage to history with a visit to the Australian War Memorial and learn about the role Australian soldiers had in Borneo during WWII.
  • Visit the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary and observe these intriguing animals. 

    Travelbay Borneo Tours - 8 Day Borneo Map

    How to get there:
    This tour starts and ends in Sandakan, Malaysia.

    (Borneo is the name of the island and the island is composed of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. This Travelbay tour is in the Malaysian part of Borneo).

    Flights to Sandakan go via Kuala Lumpur or Kota Kinabulu. 

    Please note: If you have a stopover in Kuala Lumpur, from here you will be taking a domestic flight to Sandakan or Kota Kinabalu. Sandakan, Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur are all part of the country Malaysia. 

    Travelbay works together with an excellent corporate flight booking company and is happy to provide you with a quote and organise your flights. We charge a $50 booking fee for this service. Alternatively, if you would like to arrange flights yourself you can find more information and suggestions here.

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    Currency information:
    The currency used in Malaysia is the Malaysian Ringgit.

    What currency to take over there is a personal choice. Some people prefer to take US$ cash as a backup whilst others prefer to take AUD$ cash – it depends on what you are comfortable with. There are ATM machines available and you should let your bank know that you will be using your card over there to avoid them freezing any 'suspicious' activity.

    Tipping and tour guides:
    A few customers have asked us about tipping. Really this is a personal matter, not obligatory and at your discretion.

    Some like to provide the tour guide with a few dollars a day and a little less for the driver. If you love your guide you can of course offer more – it really is up to you. 

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    Dry season: May to September
    Wet season: November to February. Typically the rainfall in the wet season is characterised by short sharp bursts. February is generally the wettest month.
    Temperature: Sitting only a few degrees North of the equator, the temperatures are fairly similar all year round, 25-33 degrees Celsius during the day and not going much below 22 degrees Celsius during the night.

    Peak season: July-September

    Population: 18.6 million

    Language: Malay

    Predominant religion: Islam

    Some interesting facts:
    Borneo is the third largest island in the world (Greenland takes first place and New Guinea second). The Southern part is Indonesian, the Northern part Malaysian with Brunei located on the NW coast.

    At 130 million years old the rainforest in Borneo is one of the world’s oldest (if not the oldest). It is also one of the world’s most biodiverse.

    Borneo is one of the only remaining natural habitats for the orang-utan (Orang means man and utan means forest).

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        • 7 nights' accommodation in DBL/TWN share with daily breakfast.
          • Check-in & check-out time: generally, check in is after 2 pm and check out before 12 pm. Early check-in and late check-out are subject to room availability and may generate additional full day room rate.
        • 18 meals as per itinerary.
        • Free wifi is available in the restaurant area at MY Nature Resort.
        • An English speaking guide throughout the tour.
        • Entrance and sightseeing fees as stated in the itinerary.
        • Return boat journey to Selingan Island.
        • Return boat journey from Sandakan to Abai/Sukau.
        • 3 Kinabatangan River cruises. 
        • All airport transfers.
        • Please note: There is one airport transfer on arrival and one airport transfer on departure for the group booked. If within your group you will be arriving separately, please contact us for a quote.
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        Please Note:

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 18 reviews
        What a brilliant trip

        What a brilliant trip. Everything was perfect. You and your Borneo agents have put together a really exciting tour. Our guide Zaimie was fabulous with all the information about the trip.
        Great boat and bus drivers, great accommodation and meals, plenty of wildlife on the river cruises, and great weather. Would highly recommend this trip to anyone with a sense of adventure. Please thank all those people concerned with putting together a fabulous trip. Very happy travellers.

        Thank you

        We just wanted to say thank you for organising our recent Borneo holiday. Everything was great hotels, tours, guides etc. We couldn't have wished for a better experience. We returned home yesterday after a memorable 3 weeks away.

        Thank you

        Just a short email to thank you all so much for your assistance with our recent trip to Borneo.

        Borneo was an amazing experience, the people are warm and welcoming, the wildlife is spectacular.

        All our hotels and meals were very good and the wildlife experiences (turtles, river cruises) were just amazing and we will remember these for ever.

        We would both highly recommend the tour and I would like to return again in the future.

        I would like to personally thank you all

        I would like to personally thank you all for your professional help and advice.

        We had an amazing trip and met some lovely people along the way.

        The food was great,the guides were awesome, the accommodation was lovely, thank god they all had air conditioning. Everywhere we went had WIFI which was a bonus.

        The highlights for me were of course the Orangutans, Sun Bears, Turtle Island, the amazing Pygmy Elephants which we saw on both river trips (apparently we were extremely lucky to see them) Sandakan Memorial Park and the fireflies.

        Thank you again.

        Had a great time

        Had a great time in Borneo, lovely guides and accommodation. Worth paying the extra for deluxe rooms.