We would like to support you to have the exact holiday you want and be very clear about all costs and options. Please read the important information below especially if there is any chance that you might want to make any changes to the flights included in this tour.

Travelbay -  Alaska and Canada Dream Holiday – 16 Day Glacier Cruise and Rocky Mountain Tour

Our Alaska and Canada Dream Holiday comes at a very affordable discounted price. 

One of the great bargains is the incredibly low cost international flight which equates to only $700 per person return from Sydney or Melbourne (see below for departures from other cities).

These discounted flights are possible due to a group booking. However, if people do not go on the exact dates of the booking ie arrive earlier, leave later, combine this holiday with another or make any changes, then the group booking rate is not available.

Please note: Surcharges apply if you make any changes to the flight dates. 

If you are considering changing any dates before or after or making any variation to the flight booking you may be better booking flights independently of the tour.

So in a nutshell your options are:

  1. Don't change flight details - prices as advertised applies to Sydney and Melbourne.
  2. Don't change flight details but fly from other cities - surcharge applies see below.
  3. Make changes to your dates or flights - big surcharges apply see below.
  4. Ask us for a quote for custom flights - tour price exclusive of flights listed below.
  5. Arrange your own flights - tour price exclusive of flights listed below.

Here are some more details on the flights and costs involved with any changes:

  • If you wish to arrive early in Calgary or stay on in Seattle there is a surcharge of $350 per person plus any fare difference (calculated at the time of booking the flights)
  • If you wish to have a stopover in Los Angeles, San Fransisco or Vancouver there is a surcharge of $350 per person per city stopover plus any fare difference. These prices do not include accommodation or transfers. 
  • Please note that if for example you wish to arrive early in Calgary and also have a stopover on the way home, you would need to pay $350 + $350 + any fare difference. 
  • The following surcharges apply for departures from other cities (or you are of course welcome to make your own way to Sydney or Melbourne):
    • Brisbane: $300 per person
    • Adelaide: $400 per person
    • Perth: $650 per person
  • Flights are with United Airlines
  • Upgrade are available to the following airlines - the price are an estimate and the exact figure can only be given after booking when it comes time to book the flights:
    • Delta Airlines: $275 per person
    • Qantas: $475 per person
  • Upgrades to Premium Economy are available from $5,000 per person and Business Class from $7,500 per person

    Price of holiday EXCLUDING flights if you prefer to arrange your own flights or have us provide you with a quote:

    • $4,649 per person twin share - Interior stateroom
    • $5,469 per person twin share - Ocean View stateroom
    • $6,479 per person twin share - Balcony stateroom

    We hope this is super clear - as always please feel free to ask if you have any questions at all.