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Looking to design your own Brunei Tailor Made Tour?

Does designing your own holiday to Brunei just as you imagine it, including all the places and activities you have been dreaming about visiting, and then having someone else take care of the details sound like a plan?

Travelbay works in collaboration with a fantastic team in Brunei to organise everything so you have your very own holiday exactly the way you would like it.

You can give us as much or as little information as you like. You may only have the dates in mind and some general places, or you might be quite specific about what you'd like to see and do.  


Does it cost a lot more for such a great service?

No, not necessarily. Travelbay prices are very reasonable and often not much more than a group tour. The bonus is that it will also be a Private Tour. You can read more about Travelbay Brunei Private Tours here - once you have experienced one of our Private Tours you may never want to travel any other way!

Contact us for an obligation free chat or quote.


Where can I go?

Anywhere and everywhere. Here are some suggestions, but there is no limit - you can go virtually anywhere and we can also include other countries.

Travelbay Brunei Tours - Brunei Tailor Made Tours - Bandar Seri Begawan
Travelbay Brunei Tours - Brunei Tailor Made Tours - Batang Duri
Travelbay Brunei Tours - Brunei Tailor Made Tours - Ulu Temburong


Further inspiration ~ Popular Brunei Tours

And if you would like further inspiration, below is a sample of a Ready-Made Tour to Brunei, or see the full collection of Brunei Tours here.

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Brunei Tailor Made Tours - choose any location including:

Bandar Seri Begawan, Batang Duri, Ulu Temburong and more.

* Prior to completion of your booking we take great care to go through all the details together with you until we get everything exactly as you would like it. At that point we confirm your booking and the details and you pay for it. If after payment, you decide to make further changes we will do what we can to accommodate them and will also need to charge an additional $50 administration fee.