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Welcome to China

Travelbay China Private Tours -  The Great Wall of China
Travelbay China Private Tours -  Terracotta Warriors
Travelbay China Private Tours -  Shanghai Skyline


Why are Travelbay China Private Tours so special?

Travelbay China Private Tours are a fun and personal way to travel at a surprisingly affordable price. They are a holiday within a holiday. All you have to do is show up :)

The holiday will be just for you and whoever books with you (be it friends or family) or you may choose to travel solo. 

On a China Private Tour you will have your own personal guide and driver throughout the tour and travel in a private vehicle. The size and type of your vehicle will depend on the number of people in your booking (private cars for couples, minivans for larger groups etc).

Having your own personal guide means no big group to contend with (so no waiting for others). You're free to travel at your own pace, with the support and luxury of a private service. The best ever way to travel - we love it!


Does it cost a lot more for such a great service?

Our China Private Tours are often a similar price to what others charge for group tours. 

Travelbay China Private Tours -  Nicola with guide in Tiananmen Square
Travelbay China Private Tours -  Nicola with guide in Xian
Travelbay China Private Tours -  Nikki with guide in Xian


How do I book?

Send us an email (, give us a ring (1800 020 020) or book online ~ whichever is easiest for you.

We already have a great range of Ready-Made China Tours.

If our existing tours are not perfect for you, let us know and we can design you your very own Tailor Made Tour


Popular China Tours

To get you started, below are some of our popular China Tours. Click here to see the full range.  

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Private Tours vs Group Tours in China

Here is  a short video that gives you a snippet of what a Private Tour versus a Group Tour looks like in China.


What do our customers have to say about China?

gold stars

A wonderful trip, just wonderful. It was brilliant and every single guide was lovely, especially Tom in Beijing. They were so lovely with me and I was well taken care of. They would do anything for you. I posted some things home and its not easy to post things in China - the guides always helped out and they also made sure I could contact them. It was lovely to meet the guides, have a meal together and learn about their lives and family. The whole itinerary was really good and it was great to be a bit flexible. The guides would give a few options and would accommodate. If you wanted to stop and eat or have a coffee, that would happen. It was seamless. Really really brilliant.


gold stars

Overall we had a holiday of a lifetime. Got everything out of it in terms of experience and involvement - had the old culture, the latest advancement, visited so many places, shopping and the variety of food. Even tried the local wine which was like drinking pure alcohol! Cannot believe we managed to do everything and then some. One has to visit China to really understand the people, culture and country - so clean and friendly. Thank you again for all your help.


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China Blogs and Videos

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