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Call 1800 020 020

Currently the world is pretty much closed for travel, but Travelbay is still open.

We have taken care of all current travellers and existing bookings (see video).

We are here to discuss your future plans and take forward bookings.

The impact of the Coronavirus on travel

In January 2020 the world started to become increasingly aware of the Coronavirus that originated in China.

By mid March 2020, things had massively escalated. We saw countries revoking visas, tourists being refused entry, borders closing and flights being cancelled.

By the end of March many countries had imposed self-isolation and quarantine. In Australia there was a ban on travelling overseas and many Australian States even imposed quarantine measures for those travelling within Australia.

By April 2020, the world was pretty much in lockdown.

You may not be able to travel now, but you can plan your next holiday...

Traevlbay COVID-19 - parked aeroplanes

Parked aeroplanes in Germany

International travel is not possible at the present moment, however the world will open up once more.

Now is a great time to plan your next holiday. There is no need to lock in dates, that can wait until things settle down globally.

We're here so feel free to contact us as usual by email or phone.

Travel updates

Travelbay recommends staying up to date with all government travel advice.

Smartraveller is an excellent source as is the Australian government Department of Home Affairs.

Armchair travel

Visit Travelbay's blog and video section for some armchair travel.

Here are a few examples to get you started...