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Over the years Travelbay has been highly recommended consistently by the media. Our tours are regularly featured as top tours or deals of the week nationwide and the travel industry body has even referred to Travelbay as “Travel Agent Heroes".

Below you can find examples of some of the media who have featured Travelbay and their articles and posts. In addition you can have a look at Travelbay Customer Pages to see media, photos and blogs written by Travelbay customers acting as on the spot journalists.

Travelbay in the media - Escape
Travelbay in the media - Traveller
Travelbay in the media - Vacations & Travel Magazine
Travelbay in the media - Bowling and Lifestyle Magazine
Travelbay in the media - Sydney Morning Herald
Travelbay in the media - Travelzoo
Travelbay in the media - The Northern Star
Travelbay in the media - The Sunday Telegraph
Travelbay in the media - The Courier Mail
Travelbay in the media - The Senioe
Travelbay in the media -
Travelbay in the media - Sunday Times
Travelbay in the media - Sunshine Coast Daily
Travelbay in the media -Central Telegraph
Travelbay in the media -The Daily Telegraph
Travelbay in the media -Herald Sun


ATAS is a national accreditation scheme for Australian travel agents.

In order to obtain accreditation, ATAS thoroughly investigates a business and there are strict criteria to be met. Travelbay has been ATAS accredited since 2015.

ATAS featured Travelbay as a Travel Agent Hero Story in August 2020 after COVID-19 hit for the work and care we took to look after our customers.


Escape is the travel section of News Corp Australia. It is published nationwide online and in their many printed newspapers.

Travelbay Tours have featured regularly as Escape Top Deals of the Week.


Traveller is a weekend publication of Farifax Media newspapers (eg The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age), published online and in print.

Travelbay deals have featured in Traveller as recommended deals.


Vacations & Travel Magazine is Australia’s highest circulated travel magazine with 40,000 copies distributed in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and South East Asia.

Several articles featuring Travelbay have been published in Vacations and Travel Magazine.


Travelbay had feature articles published in Bowling & Lifestyle Magazine, both on China and Vietnam.