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Travelbay Tours - Top 10 Travellers Tips
1. Check the validity of your passport

Most countries require that your passport has six months validity from the date of your return home. Check your passport well in advance.

2. Check for any visa requirements

Visa requirements differ for each country – both the country you are travelling to and for the country of issue of your passport. Check at least one month prior to departure for any visa requirements as some can take a few weeks to process. And in case you didn’t know, you need a visa even when in transit for the USA.

3. Get travel insurance

Travelbay highly recommends travel insurance. You never know when you might need it, but if you do, you’ll be mighty thankful for it. Medical bills in some countries can be exorbitant and with travel insurance things can be a lot smoother. Call 1800 020 020 for a no-obligation free quote or click here for more information on Cover-More travel insurance.

4. Check if you need any vaccinations

Some countries require certain immunisations and for other countries various immunisations are recommended. Please check with your doctor or you can visit The Travel Doctor or Travelvax for more information.

5. Leave copies of documentation at home

It’s a good idea to leave a copy of your passport and travel documents with someone at home. You can also take a photocopy to keep in your luggage or take photos and leave on your phone. And don’t forget to print all your tickets and vouchers before you go.

6. Be prepared with foreign currency and let your credit card company know you are going overseas

Do you know what the local currency of your destination is and what the exchange rate is? Check to see if your bank card will work internationally. Being prepared can makes things a lot smoother upon arrival.

Letting your credit card company know you are overseas can potentially save you a major hassle. If they suspect fraudulent activity on your credit card they may cancel it. What they suspect is fraudulent activity may simply be you on holiday.

7. Prepare any prescription medicines

Do you have all your required medications? Please ensure you have an adequate supply as many products may not available overseas. You may need documentation to show authorities that you are carrying medication that has been prescribed or was recommended by a GP.

8. Weigh your baggage

Check how much your baggage weighs before you get to the airport. Baggage restrictions differ between airlines and you can avoid some hefty fines and last minute juggling if you know how much your luggage weighs.

9. Leave enough time to get to the airport

Leave enough time to get to the airport - you never know what may happen or the lines may be unexpectedly long at check in. Bigger airports can take longer to walk around. Start your holiday on the right foot and give yourself enough time so that your holiday begins in a relaxed way.

10. Plan in a way that supports you

Plan in a way that supports you and don’t leave things until the last minute. Prepare for your holiday but also prepare for your return so that you are beautifully greeted by the imprint you left.  

11. The bonus tip

Don't forget to have fun. Take pleasure in your loved ones and travel companions. Savour being with you. Relish in the lack of the usual distractions. Enjoy the new discoveries. Have a great time!

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