These add-on tours are a selection and example of what is available in Vietnam. 

Most hotels will be able to assist you in booking such tours.

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Good morning Hanoi

Travelbay Add-on Tours Vietnam - Good Morning Hanoi 

Begin your morning tour with a visit to a local park where you can watch local people practice Tai Chi. Then, enjoy a cyclo (pedicab) trip around the “36 meandering streets” of the Old Quarter. Built in the 13th century and lovingly restored, the Old Quarter is simply charming. Your final destination on this tour will be the famous Dong Xuan Market. Watch local merchants start their business day trading and selling fresh fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Complete your visit to Hanoi city with a bowl of the famous “Phở” (Vietnamese noodle soup) and a delicious cup of traditional Vietnamese coffee.


Hanoi city tour - Historical sites


You will be collected from your hotel in the morning and driven to the historic complex of Ba Dinh. Visit Ba Dinh Square, where the late President Ho Chi Minh read Vietnam’s Proclamation of Independence on 2 September 1945. Visit Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum and continue to the One-Pillar Pagoda, a must-see monument in Hanoi. One-Pillar Pagoda is an ancient Buddhist pagoda supported by only one pillar. Built in the early 11th century during the reign of King Ly Thai Tong, the pagoda resembles a lotus blossom. Also visit Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam (temple of literature), the first Imperial school in Vietnam built in 1070 during the dynasty of King Ly.

Note: Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum is closed on Monday and Friday and from 5th September to 5th November for annual maintenance.


Hanoi City - Ancient town


With ochre-coloured colonial buildings, tree-lined boulevards and scenic lakes, Hanoi is full of charms. Visit some of Hanoi’s heritage sites such as: Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam (temple of literature), the first Imperial school in Vietnam, built in 1070 during the dynasty of King Ly. You will also have the opportunity to visit Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple (jade mountain temple), But Tower (pen shaped tower), Dai Nghien (ink stand) and The Huc Bridge (wooden bridge painted in red). Then take a cyclo (pedicab) ride around “the 36 meandering streets” of Hanoi’s historic Old Quarter to enjoy the bustling local life.


Bat Trang - Handicraft village


You will be collected from your hotel for an hour car ride heading northeast of Hanoi on the left bank of the Red River to Bat Trang Village. The village is surrounded by fertile farmland and well known for its beautiful ceramics. Bat Trang is filled with wall-to-wall shops selling ancient and modern ceramics. It is not only a booming business, but also the trade helps to keep the traditional crafts alive. Have a chat with the local artisans at work or try sitting behind a potter’s wheel to experience how they create ceramic vases and other master pieces in their kilns. 


Cooking class

Travelbay Add-on Tours Vietnam - Cooking Class 

Getting to know the food is also a great way to learn about the country. Vietnamese food is a large part of the culture. It is healthy, simple to cook and delicious. This half-day tour gives you a hands-on lesson on how to shop for fresh ingredients and cook authentic Vietnamese food. Cooking classes are an interactive and fun way to learn new cooking skills and experience the tastes and textures of Vietnamese cuisine.

You will be met at your hotel for the short trip to the local market, where the chef will guide you in selecting the freshest produce and ingredients for the lesson. You will learn how to use the various herbs and spices that are rooted in Vietnamese culture. When the lesson is completed, you will cook under the instruction of the chef. Afterward, enjoy the meal you have prepared while you have a drink and relax with the chef in the comfortable dining area. You will be given all of the recipes from the lesson to take home.


Relaxing and foodie tour

Travelbay Add-on Tours Vietnam - Relax and Foodie tour 

Spend a relaxing, therapeutic afternoon at the Spa centre where the therapists will offer you a therapeutic, restorative, hot stone massage. The stone’s hardness makes for a fantastic deep tissue massage and allows the therapists to address any specific problem areas with more detailed work or deeper pressure. A hot stone massage is a perfect way to recover from fatigue and stress and will leave you feeling refreshed and energised. 

After a wonderful spa treatment, begin the “Foodie” tour. First, you will be taken to Hanoi’s historic old quarter to enjoy Cha Ca La Vong, a renowned specialty of Hanoi. This dish is fish marinated and grilled over charcoal then fried in a pan served with an unforgettable mix of herbs. Next, go to Trang Tien street to enjoy locally made, gourmet ice cream. This local delicacy is known for its distinctive flavours, including milk, coconut, cereal, green beans and chocolate. Before heading back to the hotel, take a stroll around beautiful Hoan Kiem Lake.


Van Phuc silk village

Travelbay Add-on Tours Vietnam - Van Phuc silk village 

You will be collected from your hotel and taken on a 45-minute car ride heading North-West of Hanoi to Van Phuc silk village. This well-known village is traditionally associated with silk weaving in Ha Dong. The craft of silk weaving was started over 1,000 years ago in Van Phuc and remains a rich tradition to this day. Take a peaceful stroll and enjoy an ancient view of a Northern Vietnamese village, with communal houses, fish ponds and ancient banyan trees all alongside modern houses. Then, visit the families for whom silk production is a way of life. Watch and learn the stages of producing handmade silk: from spinning and gluing, through to weaving and finishing off the silk wares. Afterward, visit the shrines of the village where the first masters are worshipped. This tour is a great chance to shop for silk products at reasonable prices before heading back to Hanoi.


Foodie tour

Travelbay Add-on Tours Vietnam - Foodie Tour 2 

As you walk down the “36 meandering streets” in the historic Old Quarter of Hanoi you will see that the food is plentiful, it’s everywhere and is an integral part of the lives of the locals. Street food can be found almost anywhere on the main streets of Hanoi, as well as many of the side streets and alleyways. Crafted on the busy streets and framed by the historic colonial buildings, Hanoi street food is as much about the atmosphere as it is the delicacies of traditional northern Vietnamese cuisine. You will be shown where and how to taste the one of a kind street foods in Hanoi. 

Option 1: Thanh Tri stuffed pancake with a lean pork paté (pork pie) served with pillow cake stuffed with pork, shrimp, vermicelli and vegetables and topped with a sweet and sour fish sauce. Served with Vietnamese iced tea. Choice of Crab rice noodles or ladder noodle soup (chicken, egg, beef, pork and vegetables). “Four seasons” chè bốn mùa - a sweet local delicacy with four different types on beans and finally, local “Trang Tien” ice cream. 

Option 2: Vietnamese BBQ pork with fresh noodles and fried spring rolls. Served with Vietnamese tea. Choice of fresh pig’s ear spring rolls or fried fermented pork. Silken Tofu in ginger syrup. Traditional wedding cake. Sugar cane juice and kumquat. 

Option 3: La Vong grilled fish pies (served with rice vermicelli, dried pancakes, roasted peanuts, onion, dill, basil and shrimp paste with lemon and chilli) Served with local beer and a selection of seasonal fruit with yogurt dip.


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